North Carolina Landscape Contrators' Registration Board

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PO Box 20875
Raleigh, NC 27619
T: 919-266-8070 | F: 919.782.9470

The North Carolina Landscape Contractors' Registration Board was created by the North Carolina General Assembly and is operated as a state licensing board. The Registration Board consists of nine appointed citizens who are responsible for administering Chapter 89D of the General Statutes of North Carolina. That is, to give examinations, issue certificates, monitor for violations, maintain records of registrants, etc. The members of this board are appointed by: the Governor of NC, the Commissioner of Agriculture, the NC Nurserymen's Association, the NC Landscape Contractors' Association, and the NC Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

The Landscape Contractors Law, Chapter 89D, is a title act which regulates landscape contracting in North Carolina; thereby safeguarding life, health, and property and maintaining a high professional standard for the landscape industry. The law states, in part, that "it shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, association or corporation in this State to use the title "landscape contractor" or to advertise as such without first obtaining a certificate issued by the North Carolina Landscape Contractors' Registration Board."

If you have any questions or desire more information regarding the Landscape Contractors' law or the activities of the Landscape Contractors' Registration Board, please contact us.

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